Galata Port

Unbuilt | Istanbul, Turkey

Situated in the Galata district, Istanbul’s international cruise terminal is currently housed in a complex of obsolete industrial buildings. The introverted nature of the site, its poor image, and the absence of the appropriate facilities, all contribute to hindering the economic and tourist potential of the area.

The essential objective of the project developed by STUDIOS Architecture is to significantly upgrade Istanbul’s cruise activity as well as revitalizing the immediate neighborhood. The project proposes to combine the port activity with a retail and entertainment centre. This programmatic combination will provide a strong catalyst for urban regeneration and will reconcile the city with 1.6km of under used waterfront. In addition to a new cruise terminal, the project includes a 30,000m2 shopping centre, 2 hotels, a multiplex cinema and a 2,500 seat concert hall.

The dynamic and vibrant architecture aspires to become a contemporary urban monument, maximizing the relationship with the sea and developed along a major pedestrian concourse parallel to the quay side. This transparent gallery puts into direct contact the internal activities with the imposing mass of the ocean liners who in turn contribute to the architecture and endow it with the remarkable atmosphere of ocean voyages.