Luna Park

Studies | Brooklyn, NY

The Luna Park Houses, a 1,576-unit coop apartment complex in Brooklyn, approached STUDIOS to help resolve the failings of their 45-year-old masonry facades. Initially the scope was described as replacing the brick cavity wall with new brick, but STUDIOS suggested using the project as an opportunity to re-position the complex. Terracotta planks and subtle shifts in the plane of the windows create a change in the scale and materials that also changes the perception of the buildings. A clearer site plan, with new, more inviting lobbies and signage enhances the experience of arrival.

The terracotta planks create a pressure-balanced, rain-screen curtain wall, which will eliminate the water infiltration and differential movement problems of the old facades. The mortar-free installation allows for an extended building season, crucial to efficiently completing the building work on almost two million square feet of occupied windows and walls that are in close proximity to the open ocean.