Osaka International Trade Mart

1994 | Osaka, Japan

  • Osaka International Trade Mart Atrium with Walkways Photo: Seishi Maeda
  • Osaka International Trade Mart Interior Walkway Photo: Seishi Maeda
  • Osaka International Trade Mart Building Exterior Photo: Seishi Maeda
  • Osaka International Trade Mart Atrium Photo: Seishi Maeda

STUDIOS designed key interiors in the 2.1 million sf International Trade Mart (ITM) in Osaka. The ITM is part of the Asia & Pacific Trade Center (ATC) designed by the Japanese architecture firm of Nikken Sekkei, Ltd. ATC is the largest showcase for foreign products in the world. STUDIOS’ design includes roughly 75,000 sf of sky lobbies and atria. The atria mark the entrance and the center of the building, as well as special events areas.

The ATC constitutes a new concept in an international wholesale center. It is inspired by the Japanese cultural practice of omiai — or arranged marriage — which allows potential partners, who would otherwise never know of each other’s existence, the chance to meet. The ATC, a kind of market omiai, provides a point of easy access to the Japanese market. By using the mart’s services, companies can bypass the multi-tiered Japanese distribution system and sell directly to retailers.

Nikken Sekkei, the world’s largest architecture firm, and the ATC Corporation conducted a worldwide search for the interior architect. STUDIOS was selected for its ability to provide “unique design on
restrictive budgets.”


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