Shanghai Grand Theatre

1998 | Shanghai, People's Republic of China

  • Shanghai Grand Theatre View of Stage Photo: Kerun Ip
  • Shanghai Grand Theatre Theater Auditorium Photo: Kerun Ip
  • Shanghai Grand Theatre Lobby Photo: Kerun Ip
  • Shanghai Grand Theatre Theater Exterior Photo: Kerun Ip
  • Shanghai Grand Theatre Stairway Photo: Kerun Ip

STUDIOS won an international competition to design the interior spaces of the Shanghai Grand Theatre in conjunction with Team 7 International. The Theatre is located across from People’s Square, arguably the most significant civic space in Shanghai, and houses a world-class performance hall designed for opera, ballet, and symphonic presentations.

The facility incorporates the latest technology in stage design, theatrical lighting, and acoustics (both natural and electronic). The main auditorium hall provides for 1,800 seats on three primary tiers, and is supported by public lobby areas on five floors, an orchestra shell, rehearsal rooms, backstage and dressing areas.

STUDIOS’ concept melds Eastern and Western influences to arrive at an international design aesthetic while respecting the fundamental principles of Feng Shui and its dictates on materials, plan layout and building orientation, as well significant lucky and unlucky numbers. The design embraces traditional elements that hold special resonance and meaning within the Chinese culture, such as wood, polished stone, glass, and the color red.


  • 1999

    Interior Design Association of the People’s Republic of China Grand Prize Award


  • An Ultra Modern Theatre with Chinese Characteristics

    SPACE Magazine Hong Kong

  • Indelible Architectural Statements

    SPACE Magazine Hong Kong