UCSF Neurosciences Laboratory Building

Unbuilt | San Francisco, CA

  • UCSF Neurosciences Laboratory Building South West view of building from courtyard area Rendering
  • UCSF Neurosciences Laboratory Building
  • UCSF Neurosciences Laboratory Building Site plan

STUDIOS designed a new five-story laboratory for UCSF’s 43-acre Mission Bay Campus. The building was designed to promote collaborative work in a research environment, and to be linked to the Genetics Development and Behavioral Science Building, completing the North face of the Campus Quadrangle. UCSF’s vision for the new facility is to enhance the university’s research and teaching mission through connectivity. Collegiality is fostered through the creation of communal spaces to encourage interaction among campus personnel, and by promoting cohesiveness through visual consistency in the architecture and landscape of the campus.

The project program features diverse laboratory planning layouts, including standard biochemistry-type wet lab modules and lab support space, and dry or computational biology workstations, and houses specialized procedure rooms for electrophysiology research. The computational and office components are housed in a separate precinct from laboratory spaces, allowing for increased daylighting and natural ventilation, as well as considerably lower operational costs in these areas.