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Designing a More Equitable Future

The growing global movement that has taken shape in the weeks following the death of George Floyd, brings a time of renewed reflection and reevaluation for everyone.


STUDIOS has and will continue to take time to read, listen, and educate ourselves on the topics at the heart of the movement. 


STUDIOS commits to standing up for one another in the face of inequality and injustice, not only for the innumerable victims of police brutality and acts of racial violence enabled and supported by long standing systemic racism, but for the change we need to thrive as a whole people. 


Words are not enough. The entire STUDIOS community must come together to take a hard look at our communities, our industry, and our own practice and take measurable action to ensure we are upholding values of diversity, honesty, inclusion, and fairness.


Our Communities


We have made a multi year pledge to the Equal Justice Initiative, which in addition to its quest to challenge racial and economic injustice, built and maintains The National Memorial for Justice and Peace in Montgomery, Alabama.


As we emerge from the isolation of this pandemic, there will be an increased need for quality open space that promotes health and equity, where we can continue to mourn our past, learn from our mistakes, imagine and organize for a better future.


We will continue our long term support of the New York Restoration Project and its mission to provide open space in underserved neighborhoods. STUDIOS underwrote and raised funds for complete renovation of Glover Street Garden in Bronx.


Our Profession

STUDIOS will follow the lead of our employees by actively supporting the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) through both financial support and active engagement.


As a part of the Partnership for New York City, we will continue to participate in professional development and discovery opportunities for underrepresented communities. STUDIOS welcomed students from Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design into our office to educate them about the profession and engaged in a community-based design charrette.


Our Practice

We have established a Diversity and Inclusion Council, led by three of the Firm’s Principals, to select an external consultant to conduct a cultural assessment and identify shifts in our culture to make sure that these perspectives are part of every aspect of our thinking.


We must come to terms with our differences and errors together to move forward. Our goal is not color blindness, rather it is cultural awareness. We are grateful to all those outside and within the Firm who are helping us shape this perspective. As we enter our 35th year, we are committed to this purpose.

June 24, 2020

Los Angeles


New York


San Francisco

Washington, DC