Garrett Brignoli

Garrett Brignoli

Associate Principal

Inspired by craft and the art of making, Garrett celebrates the design process. Garrett is a skilled translator and communicator of design and he promotes the importance of verbal and visual storytelling in bringing all audiences, particularly clients, into the process. He challenges himself and his teams to refine this process, communicating complex spatial and organizational concepts through simple yet evocative visuals. Garrett’s process fosters trust and allows clients to take bigger risks and discover the transformative properties of design.

Joining STUDIOS because of the space afforded to exploration, Garrett has worked on a variety of project types and scales. Armed with an innate sense of scale and proportion, he often pushes clients to see past the limitations of space or real estate to drive innovation for global law firms to media companies and international institutions. The openness with which he approaches each project allows him to design a custom reception desk or a base building with the same level of thoughtfulness and rigor.


Syracuse University

Bachelor of Architecture

Key Projects