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Our office first opened in 1999 to more closely partner with STUDIOS’ notable clients in media and entertainment. From the start, we had the opportunity to take on large-scale projects with some of the biggest names in the business: Disney, Warner Bros., and Cartoon Network. Since then, we’ve grown our presence and impact across Southern California and beyond, working with university clients, tech companies, law firms, and retailers on interiors, innovation, and new building designs.

Whether we’re turning a world-renowned culinary destination into a sustainability superstar, or helping a studio for animators embrace its higher purpose as a hub of creative inspiration for artists, we believe in the power of design to transform. Our expansive approach pulls insight and inspiration from across boundaries of expertise, and is tailored to each client’s vision, values, and needs. To our work in the office, and our volunteer efforts out in the community, we bring an openness to meeting new people, exploring new frontiers, and discovering new possibilities.

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