Hammering Hunger!

Canstruction® is an extraordinary annual design competition and the most unique food charity in the world. STUDIOS NY is among 24 firms who have spent months planning their entries and were allowed only one adrenaline-filled night (January 31st) to meticulously stack and color-coordinate their cans into ingenious feats of engineering. The massive structures, including STUDIOS’ VeCAN Hammer Hunger, will be on view to the public until Feb. 11 at the World Financial Center. They will then be dismantled and donated to City Harvest to help feed hungry New Yorkers and people still recovering from Sandy.

In support of New York City’s initiative, promoting healthier food choices and portion control, STUDIOS created VeCAN Hammer Hunger. The veggie piggy bank’s exterior of 8oz. cans, has been smashed apart to provide food for those without excess.Shedding pork in the form of “coins” of sandwich spread, our piggy bank is giving back to those in need.

February 04, 2013

New York