Alessandro Mascia

Associate Principal - New York

A former drummer, Alessandro understands the rhythm of design. He finds satisfaction in seeing designs advance—beat by beat—through a cadence of interactions between team members, consultants, and clients. For him, time spent facilitating the collaborative process is invaluable, and he finds it to be a dynamic phenomenon requiring constant management to maintain a harmonious balance.

Alessandro descends from an Italian family of engineers and architects, and he possesses a deep love for the classic culture and history. Having worked on international projects in the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, and North America, he is fascinated with the notion that design as a language connects individuals regardless of time and space. Alessandro brings more than 15 years of experience on a diverse range of projects spanning retail, residential, and commercial sectors. He is currently working on the North American expansion of a European food market in multiple locations including New York, Boston, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Alessandro Mascia

Education & Accreditation

  • Universitá degli Studi di Roma Laureato in Architettura (equivalent to Bachelors of Architecture)


  • Licensed Architect, Italy