STUDIOS is a full-service design firm, offering architecture, interiors, master planning, branding, and strategic programming services.


We believe that architecture should both inspire and serve.

Our diverse and experienced staff engages at every scale and in each step of the design and construction process: from working with local communities on land use issues, to incorporating advanced sustainability principles; from identifying new building materials, to devising efficient delivery methods. Our team explores a building from the inside out, as well as from the outside in, ensuring that the human experience—our primary focus—is what shapes the design.


Interior design choreographs the human experience.

We design interior spaces with purpose and meaning, exceeding pragmatic expectations of efficiency and sustainability and inspiring each user. We listen to our clients to understand their organizations, designing world-class corporate headquarters, restaurants, hotels, opera houses, classrooms, and, even, nuclear research laboratories. We see design as an elegant form of problem solving, and we are constantly refining our methods through research and knowledge sharing between design teams.


We plan cities, universities, and corporate campuses as the living organisms they are, allowing them to adapt and thrive.

Intelligent planning promotes environmentally responsible and sustainable growth, allowing people to live, work, travel, and play in balance with nature and each other. For each project, STUDIOS evaluates our clients’ long-term plans, growth potential, and budget, as well as the specifics of the site to devise a comprehensive land-use strategy. Our master planning experience includes urban developments and suburban campuses for private businesses, mixed-use developers, local, state, and federal governmental agencies, and higher education clients.


Today’s workplace is a complex web of economic and pragmatic drivers as well as social, cultural, and aesthetic forces. The success of our projects depends on our ability to seamlessly integrate solutions to all these challenges.

We assist our clients – from tech start-ups to global conglomerates – in making decisions about how to position their business, manage their physical assets, and accommodate their staff through the creation of extraordinary workplaces in support of their organization’s success. Understanding the human component in terms of culture, motivation, work patterns, and performance, forms the core of our work. STUDIOS uses a variety of techniques to research and analyze the work environment including all manner of inquiry, observation, survey, and facilitated group sessions, as well as a number of tools such as videography and online data collection. By developing and testing prototypes, STUDIOS provides our clients with objective criteria, allowing us to demonstrate maximum benefit while elevating the human experience.