141 Haussmann

2017 | Paris

  • 141 Haussmann Facade Photo: Baptiste Lobjoy
  • 141 Haussmann Glass roof Photo: Baptiste Lobjoy
  • 141 Haussmann Floor plate under the glass roof Photo: Baptiste Lobjoy
  • 141 Haussmann Double height multi-purpose room under a glass roof Photo: Baptiste Lobjoy
  • 141 Haussmann Facade on the boulevard Haussmann Photo: Baptiste Lobjoy
  • 141 Haussmann Rear terrace Photo: Shoootin

This project involves the repurposing and refurbishing of a Haussmann period building of approximately 1,300 m² dating from 1864, prior to putting it back on the market. The building’s address is prestigious, but the decoration was dated, pedestrian access ill adapted and the building suffered from a lack of capacity.

In a decidedly innovative spirit, STUDIOS took the approach of imagining the addition of a glass roof on two floors, by replacing the tra ditional slate and zinc roofing. The silhouette of buildings from the Haussmann period was identically reproduced, in perfect unity with neighbouring buildings. Punctuated by polished aluminium spines, the glass roof is respectful of the framework of lines of the zinc roofs of the Boulevard Haussmann and fits in harmoniously with this historic context.

As a complement to this unusual glass roof, green terraces are placed on three levels, protected by glass guardrails, a feature which creates transparency for the whole and a majestic view of the Paris sky and of the most beautiful monuments of the capital. On the façades, on the interior courtyard side, the full height blades of glass are digitally engraved, creating the interplay of light and shadow according to the location of the sun.

The building’s restructuring also led to a modification of the a ccess points, with a return to the historic entrance, thereby enabling the enlargement of the lobby and the creation of new meeting rooms. The ground floo r has been entirely rethought and opened up to create a visually open space across the entire surface area. The reception area on the street side communicates, at the back, with a double-height “showroom” under a glass roof and thus bathed in natural light.