245/249 West 17th Street

2014 | New York, NY

STUDIOS was selected by Savanna to re-imagine their buildings at 245 & 249 West 17th Street while preserving and enhancing their loft-style aesthetics. Built in 1902, the six-story, former warehouse and wagon house for the Siegel Cooper department store, 249 West 17th contains approximately 145,000 square feet of space. The adjacent 12-story building at 245 West 17th has an equal amount of space on smaller floorplates. The combined retail space offered by the buildings totals 40,000 square feet.

Supported by stunning new lobbies, elevators, windows and building systems, the renovations were a successful attempt to create “a creative oasis in the heart of Chelsea”. The project also includes collaborative and open architecture, abundant breakout space, restored hardwood floors, exposed ceilings, articulated views, and a stylish, yet space-efficient reception corridor.