AirBnB Paris

2017 | Paris, France

  • AirBnB Paris Hospitality lounge © Donal Murphy
  • AirBnB Paris Floor plan © STUDIOS Architecture
  • AirBnB Paris Library © Donal Murphy
  • AirBnB Paris Open space © Donal Murphy
  • AirBnB Paris Kitchen © Donal Murphy
  • AirBnB Paris Solarium terrace © Donal Murphy

Founded as a community marketplace Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences. A hospitality company first, a design company second and a tech company third, their goal is to create a great experience for their users and this experience is now reflected in their new Paris offices designed by STUDIOS.

The floorplate set at the top of a Haussmannian building in central Paris showcases the high value placed on hospitality and embraces Airbnb’s philosophy of “Belong Anywhere” enabling staff to work wherever it suits them throughout the day whether for focused, collaborative or group work. Supporting the company’s vision and focus on creativity, flexibility, ownership, and happiness the new space will welcome staff and visitors in a warm, informal and engaging atmosphere.

Each space sparks curiosity and fosters a sense of adventure, where employees can be both hosts and guests throughout the day within a space that mixes design styles and functions, and that celebrates local artisans and talent with a globe-trotting attitude. Inspired by the Airbnb listings around the world, as well as the local Parisian culture, the new space feels like home and yet provides a flexible, dynamic and agile work environment.