Cartoon Network

2000 | Burbank, CA

  • Cartoon Network Reception Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Cartoon Network Tunnel to Reception Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Cartoon Network Conference Room Wall Detail Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Cartoon Network Sky Light and Coffee Bar Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Cartoon Network Roof Deck Photo: Tom Bonner

Cartoon Network asked STUDIOS to design an urban “campus” within a three-story industrial block building for their new production studio. STUDIOS met this challenge by taking advantage of the verticality of the building, adapting each floor for a separate function. The relatively dark first floor contains all post-production departments, editing and sound recording facilities and administrative offices. The two upper floors — naturally lit by the large black-and-white silo-shaped skylight in the center of the building — house creative production for two of the network’s television shows that take place in the open-office workstations. Each floor is punctuated with unique break areas and “pitch rooms” where concepts for weekly episodes are presented in storyboard format.

STUDIOS augmented the urban campus feeling by installing a redwood roof deck complete with data ports so employees are free to bring their creativity and laptops outside to work in the Southern California sun.


  • Animated Architecture