Chelsea Market Marquee

2011 | New York, NY

  • Chelsea Market Marquee Ninth Avenue facade
  • Chelsea Market Marquee Signage detail

Built in the 1890’s, the existing complex of 18 separate buildings now known as Chelsea Market, was once home to a Nabisco manufacturing plant. The Market’s owners hired STUDIOS master plan and renovate the existing market to accommodate new additions. In addition to designing a 240,000-square-foot office addition and a 90,000-square-foot hotel tower for the property, STUDIOS recently completed a new signature marquee for the main Ninth Avenue entrance.

While the previous canopy certainly drew attention, its style was out of place in the local Meat Packing District loading-dock vernacular. STUDIOS’ new marquee incorporates the area’s industrial qualities, while also extending the upscale character of Chelsea Market to Ninth Avenue.

The marquee features a plain steel, welded and industrially-coated custom truss and frame structure with steel rod, clevis and turnbuckle tiebacks to the building. The roof is comprised of green-tinted, corrugated acrylic panels with encapsulated wire. Linear LEDs subtly graze the existing brick façade with light, while the canopy framework is accented with LED ‘neon’ strip lights. Metal halides cast a warm, inviting glow on the sidewalk, a while vintage-inspired neon signage clearly identifies the main entrance to Chelsea Market. All fixtures on daylight sensors to conserve energy.