CSUB Science III Building

2008 | Bakersfield, CA

  • CSUB Science III Building South-West View Photo: Michael O'Callahan
  • CSUB Science III Building West View Photo: Michael O'Callahan
  • CSUB Science III Building Courtyard View Photo: Michael O'Callahan
  • CSUB Science III Building Main Entrance Photo: Michael O'Callahan

“[The building’s] success is best described by noting its immediate acceptance by all campus faculty and students as on outstanding example of how future campus buildings should be planned. Science III is a beacon of inspiration for the future vitality of the campus.”

– Dr. Julio Blanco, Dean, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

CSU Bakersfield selected STUDIOS to create a new facility that contributes classroom, laboratory and office spaces for the anticipated growth of Computer Science and Mathematics department. The building initiates a new academic quadrant where future science, math and engineering facilities are planned.

The new brick and concrete masonry structure sets a new aesthetic and design standard for the campus, which is primarily populated by cement plaster buildings.

The first floor is primarily lecture halls and a café, while the second and third floors house study lounges, graduate research spaces, and faculty offices. Student lounges, common use spaces and an exterior courtyard seating area encourage interaction among and within the different disciplines housed in the building, and also serves as a gathering place for students from all parts of the campus.

Modern, flexible lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, and tutorial spaces are organized to encourage communication and foster a collaborative learning process. Students are grouped around tables and counters rather than placed at separate desks, and the lounges provide open work spaces that promote interaction, particularly between undergraduate and graduate students.