2019 | Paris

  • EDF SMARTSIDE Hall ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "Le Café Connecté" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "Le Café Connecté" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "L'Espace Nomade" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "L'Espace Nomade" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "La Brasserie" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "Le Scramble" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "Le Kiosque" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE Workspace ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE "La Place" ©Baptiste Lobjoy
  • EDF SMARTSIDE Collaborative space ©Baptiste Lobjoy

STUDIOS assisted EDF on its consolidation project towards SMARTSIDE: a new 40,000 m² site which has brought together five of the group’s divisions to work on one office site with nearly 2,300 people.

The challenge was to find a strong concept, to translate EDF’s identity and values across the entire site that is centered around innovation and performance.

The design concept of the project is to design a building that promotes the convergence of human energies to produce creative sparks.

This new framework had to be a model in terms of quality of life for users and taking into account changes in the Workplace.

STUDIOS has thus imagined a place where shared spaces promote well-being and flexibility, connected workspaces encourage collaboration and communication within teams.

Because the success of a project depends on the ownership and the engagement of all the collaborators, STUDIOS also realized a mission of change management with the teams to ensure the success of this transition for our client to make this building their new home.