Eryn Brinié

2008 | New York, NY

  • Eryn Brinié View of Retail Space from Entrance Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Eryn Brinié Store Exterior Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Eryn Brinié Wall Clothing Display Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Eryn Brinié Acrylic Detail Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Eryn Brinié Dressing Room Photo: Eric Laignel

STUDIOS design for the new American Flagship Store for Korean retailer Eryn Brinié is a striking addition to the New York fashion world. The store, located on Broadway in SoHo, is the first outpost for this woman’s fashion brand in the United States.

The design of the space plays with the contrast between organic flowing lines created by wave-like forms of glowing acrylic and more rigid forms such as the full-length dramatic mirror on the opposing wall. A natural palette of materials and colors creates a warm, welcoming space that is both modern and sophisticated. The material palette is toned and sharp using natural stone, reclaimed wood and slick bronzed mirror as the dominant elements throughout. The narrow space posed a design challenge in its awkward proportions – nearly 100′ in length and over 20′ in height. But the designers saw an opportunity and exaggerated its length even more with a wall-to-wall mirror in the rear that seems to extend the space to infinity.

The new store design serves as a model for future expansion efforts by the company.