Estée Lauder Europe

2008 | Paris, France

  • Estée Lauder Europe Reception Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Estée Lauder Europe Meeting Room Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Estée Lauder Europe Main Conferencing Room Photo: Luc Boegly

Estée Lauder Companies asked STUDIOS Architecture to design their new European headquarters in Paris. The key mission was to create a unified global image of a group which owns more than 20 cosmetic and perfume brands worldwide.

Set over 3 floors, the offices were created to house the Vice President of Estée Lauder EMEA as well as all the European senior executives and heads of products. Estée Lauder wanted to convey an image of modernity, elegance and prestige without putting forward any one brand in particular. STUDIOS had to therefore find an overall solution that encompassed and represented the various dimensions of the company.

One of the key challenges was to meet the client’s technological requirements in a turn-of-the-century Haussmann building. The result combines old and modern; the period mouldings, mirrors and chimney places blend harmoniously with the modern materials and finishes. The Gyptone ceiling in the conference room, the screen-printed glass walls, the armourcoat wall in the entrance lobby, as well as the large white resin conference table, are all examples of this fusion and quietly recall the world of cosmetics.