E*Trade Bank

2001 | Arlington, VA

  • E*Trade Bank Reception from Conference Room
  • E*Trade Bank Staircase with Elliptical Landings
  • E*Trade Bank Amenity space
  • E*Trade Bank Atrium Stair into Main Conference Area
  • E*Trade Bank Pantry
  • E*Trade Bank Workstations

STUDIOS created an energized campus-like atmosphere for E*Trade in a vertical occupancy that reinforces the dynamic nature of the company’s workforce. The space was designed in an open plan concept with no private offices. Workstations are positioned along the building’s windowed perimeter, providing staff access to natural light and views. The main corridor circles the support core of the building and is articulated by both an exposed overhead “tray” carrying all data and phone cabling, and by the colorful wood wall, which serves as a unifying and way-finding feature.

A six-story, 600-square-foot slab opening houses the suspended steel stair, which plays a vital role in unifying all floors in the facility. Each of the five elliptical stair landings features a different artistic floor design expressing E*Trade’s flow and connectivity. The stair and atrium top out at the lunchroom, a double-height public space serving as the main employee gathering area.