Feature Animation Studio

2001 | Los Angeles, CA

  • Feature Animation Studio Atrium Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Feature Animation Studio Seating Area Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Feature Animation Studio Theater Entrance Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Feature Animation Studio Conference Room Photo: Tom Bonner
  • Feature Animation Studio Break-out Area Photo: Tom Bonner

STUDIOS designed this major entertainment company’s new animation studio in the former anchor department store of the converted Sherman Oaks Galleria Shopping Center. The three-story building’s deep floorplates required that the design emphasize circulation as a primary element. At the end of the long entrance lobby, a grand communicating stair draws all three floors together. Conference rooms and a coffee bar encircle this central court, which serves as the social heart of the building.

STUDIOS adapted each of the three floors for a separate function of the company. The first floor contains all the post-production facilities including a sound recording studio, a high-resolution television preview room, offices, and the lobby. The second floor houses open-plan workstations for 180 designers. Two 35-person studios that produce feature animated television shows are located on the third floor, as well as executive and administrative offices.

The finish palette is subtle, providing a neutral but dynamic backdrop to showcase the color and the art of the animators.