GIM Head Office

2018 | Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

  • GIM Head Office Facade Avenue Charles de Gaulle @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Detail facade Avenue Charles de Gaulle @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Inner courtyard @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Axonometric projection
  • GIM Head Office Lobby and reception desk @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Lobby detail @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Restaurant
  • GIM Head Office Restaurant @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Restaurant @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Foyer @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Foyer, view tothe auditorium @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Foyer @Baptiste Lobjoy
  • GIM Head Office Foyer @Baptiste Lobjoy

GIM (Groupe des Industries Métallurgiques) owns its headquarters, a building of 5,600 m² built in the 1960s and enjoying an exceptional location on the Avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly. Most of the technical equipment dated from its construction. GIM held a competition for developers with the aim of restructuring the building.

Its upgrading was intended to enhance the quality of the working environment for its employees and visiting members, optimize the use of the building’s floor space, and facilitate management and maintenance.

The building’s elegant, high-performance façades conveys GIM’s new image. The double-skin, air-permeable façade facing the Avenue Charles de Gaulle is intended to be sober, severe, innovative and timeless. Its exterior glass cladding extends over several levels,
restoring verticality and a scale adapted to the context. The façades overlooking the courtyard provide openings in aluminium lacquered in champagne tones. The façade on the rue du Midi side blends well with its more residential context, thanks to its Rebeton cladding and its French-style casement windows resting on a window breast.

Functional circulations and the building’s accessibility have been redesigned, hence the remodelled cores. The double-height lobby and reception areas (auditorium, restaurant, club, etc.) are grouped in the base and exterior areas are optimized. The exterior spaces of  the project are enhanced with warm welcoming planted terraces on several levels and a landscaped garden in the center of the city block.

The project aims to provide GIM with a totally flexible tool enabling it to lease part of the building to third parties, as each level can be divided in two units, with the possibility of either vertical or horizontal sectioning of the floor spaces, as well as allowing for the customization if required of the Midi Lobby.