GSA Headquarters

2007 | Washington, DC

During the past ten years, GSA has commissioned STUDIOS to provide various planning, programming, and design solutions in support of their efforts to modernize and renovate their historic, National Headquarters office building in the heart of DC’s monumental federal core.

STUDIOS was retained through GSA’s Design Excellence program to develop a planning methodology and approach to interior infrastructure to support contemporary business processes and applications. The historic building poses significant obstacles to contemporary notions of flexibility. It has a dense column grid, unusual fenestration, low ceiling heights, and awkward bay dimensions.

Working with the natural efficiencies of the building, STUDIOS developed three circulation options that support standardized planning bays. Within the historic planning grid a uniform distribution system of power, data, lighting, and HVAC will allow tenants to alter circulation patterns and location of space types without having to modify any element besides simple privacy elements and walls. Power and data are delivered to points at vertical distribution centers that provide access points to which freestanding, lightweight furniture may dock. Stackable privacy elements allow space to shift from 100% open plan to 100% private offices without changing any major utility. The 100,000 sf expansion space has been designated as a potential location for more contemporary distribution systems such as raised floor and task air applications.

In 2009, STUDIOS was selected through our GSA Center for Workplace Delivery contract to develop a Program of Requirements for the National Office Modernization Project. Based on a two-phase building construction scenario, STUDIOS developed programming, test fits, blocking and stacking, and space planning to support three major stages of employee relocation swing space.