2007 | Chicago, IL

  • Inscape Exterior Signage Photo: Andrew Bordwin
  • Inscape Reception Area Photo: Andrew Bordwin
  • Inscape Workstations Photo: Andrew Bordwin
  • Inscape Back of Office Photo: Andrew Bordwin
  • Inscape Exterior Lounge Photo: Andrew Bordwin

As part of a larger branding initiative, STUDIOS completely overhauled Inscape’s Chicago showroom for a grand opening at NeoCon 2007. The space is intended to reposition and expand recognition of the brand in a cohesive and integrated manner, incorporating recommendations formulated from market research, user interviews, and focus groups. As a result, the showroom was envisioned as an immersive branded experience, communicating a fresh corporate identity while effectively illustrating the full capabilities of the client’s integrated product line. STUDIOS oversaw the complete implementation of this concept, developing and consulting on every element of the space from materials, lighting, and environmental graphics to the selection of floral and musical arrangements.

The resulting environment utilized extremely strong design elements, including a signature 86′ lightbox to logically organize the space and product installations. A strategic and limited use of materials, graphics and color also served to focus attention on the product and its integrated capabilities, articulating and supporting the newly developed corporate slogan, “The Beauty of Integration.”

In addition, STUDIOS developed the showroom to be readily adaptable to support new configurations and products, with modular design elements throughout that transform the space and feel through simple, cost-effective moves with a minimum of waste. In keeping with the client’s sustainable initiatives, materials used in the space were specified to include significant recycled content, and will be entirely recycled at the end of their lifespan. Lighting was transferred over to energy efficient fluorescent sources wherever possible, and the entire lightbox assembly is constructed of recyclable aluminum and fabric.