Jaipur Residential Development

Under construction | Jaipur, India

The Jaipur Residential Development sits on a prominent site adjacent to Statue Circle, a memorial to the Jaipur’s founding. STUDIOS took inspiration from local landmarks, as well as the principles of Vaastu, the ancient Hindu doctrine that describes how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. The site was studied as a grid with specific building functions allocated throughout to achieve a natural balance. The design intent was to create a signature project using local materials in a modern way within the technical requirements, a height limitation of 30m, and site coverage of 40%.

STUDIOS developed a scheme with units ringing an internal courtyard that, while efficient, contradicted Vaastu principles and didn’t provide enough ventilation or outdoor space. The design evolved to include terraces, then to a sloping cascade of individual, stepped terraces. The final massing slants from the northeast to southwest, with tiered residences that face Statue Circle while following the Vaastu massing hierarchy. Continuous vertical penetrations within the stepped East tower massing bring daylight and natural ventilation to the interior of each unit. A water feature within the courtyard aids in passive cooling of the complex.

Weaving the indoor and outdoor environments creates a number of distinctive spaces within the project. The north tower cantilevers over the main building entry, adding drama to the large courtyard. Each residence faces both outward towards the city, and inward to private gardens. The units are a mix of three- and four-bedrooms, with triplex, duplex, and single-level configurations.

Five-star amenity spaces include a clubhouse with an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and squash courts, in addition to a banquet hall adjacent to the lush landscape of the courtyard.

The single basement level and two podium levels house all essential services, including parking for 650 cars for both residents and guests, as well as a private tenant drop-off area.


  • 2013

    Society of American Registered Architects (SARA)