Le Jour

2018 | Paris, France

  • Le Jour Building © Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Facade © Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Terrace on the 6th floor © Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Lobby © Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Lobby Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Lift Lobby © Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Restaurant / Cafe © Baptiste Lobjoy
  • Le Jour Office spaces © Baptiste Lobjoy

The owners of this high-rise building wished to repurpose the ground floor as a public access area (training rooms). A cafeteria, located on the ground floor functions independently. It is designed to provide modular and multipurpose meeting areas, located at either end of the building.

A total surface area of approximately 4,000 m² was added to the existing first five floors as well as to the first underground level.

The building’s extensions was geometrically created by means of a broad curve on the lower floors, thereby creating a thicker building at its base than the existing one. The 5 levels of parking were retained, providing 303 spaces. The building as a whole can be divided into two distinct buildings with independent entrances opening onto two vast lobbies. Each floor can be divided into two units, making it possible to offer wide-ranging modularity in the layout of leased spaces.

To provide more natural light from above, the inter-company restaurant was moved to the first underground level, thereby creating a large void visible from the street. This opening is covered by a broad awning along the street, bordered by a façade, restoring the building to the urban scale.

Emphasis was placed on the thermal and acoustic treatment of the façades, accessibility for persons of reduced mobility and the comfort of users.


  • 2018

    Pyramide d'Argent, Real Estate Category