LVMH Bayard

2012 | Paris, France

  • LVMH Bayard Inner Courtyard overlooking the "Rideau de Scène" of the Shanghaï Opera, by Olivier Debré, photographed by Marc Deville, installed on 4 levels © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Zoom on the "Rideau de Scène" of the Shanghaï Opera, level 1 © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Reception and Living wall © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Reception waiting area © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Atrium with view on the reception's living wall © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Kitchen and informal area © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Conference room with partitioned wall © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Small meeting room © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard View on corridors of each floor represented by different colors © Stefano Candito
  • LVMH Bayard Corridor along private offices © Stefano Candito

Nine years after designing the administrative headquarters of the LVMH Group in Boulogne, STUDIOS was commissioned to accompany the luxury retail group’s move back into the heart of Paris in a recently renovated industrial-style building.

The craftsmanship and prestige attached to quality production, emblematic of the LVMH products and brands, is visible on all floors with floor to ceiling photographic prints in circulation areas and immediately anchors the building’s identity with that of its new occupant.

The building’s square shape, set around a large courtyard, was also the perfect support to highlight the group’s investment in patronage of the arts: a huge print of the Shanghai Opera’s stage curtain, painted by Olivier Debré, stretched out over four floors is visible throughout the building.

A planted wall in the building lobby as well as the careful selection of furniture and materials fitting environmental criteria are an indication of LVMH’s longstanding focus on sustainability issues.

Finally, the existing coloured finishes were cleverly made use of to help orientate staff and visitors through the building.