Madison Hotel Renovation

2012 | Washington, DC

STUDIOS was selected for the renovation of the Madison Hotel, one of the most distinguished hotels in Washington, DC, located just a few blocks from the White House but within the Central Business District. In operation since 1962, the historic hotel has hosted every President and First Lady since Johnson, along with untold numbers of foreign and domestic political leaders and heads of state.

The renovation of the five-star, 350-room hotel was accomplished in several phases. Goals of the project include creating a dynamic and exciting space that attracts and retains new guests. Collaborating with Jamestown’s internal design team, STUDIOS was involved in five elements of the hotel: the lobby, restaurant, entrance, sidewalk cafes, and facade.

The first phase focused on the lobby, restaurant/outdoor cafe and ground floor public spaces. The restaurant in particular was transformed into a high-end, rustic french-themed featuring a unique menu and outdoor, cafe-style seating. STUDIOS worked with the client and the city to provide design that was sensitive to the neighboring context and a unique addition to the public space.