2015 | Charlotte, NC

The vision for MetLife’s U.S. Retail Headquarters in Charlotte began in 2012 with a goal to honor the history of the MetLife enterprise, while enabling the company to transition to a diverse, dynamic, and collaborative work environment. STUDIOS worked with MetLife leadership to identify the group’s ambitions, while challenging their assumptions. The result is a workplace strategy where every space is designed to encourage the sharing of information and the exchange of ideas. This is supported by a variety of spaces addressing collaboration at various scales. STUDIOS’ holistic approach to the development and implementation of a new, tailored workplace solution, made the campus a catalyst for change within the larger MetLife organization.

The building entry, known as MetLife Square, is a vertical experience connecting the ground floor lobby and the third floor employee entrance. MetLife Square is the crossroads where all users of the building meet and greet one another: staff, visitors, and even family. Anchored by the cafe, a grand staircase links the spaces, which are enlivened by the movement of people. On each floor, the MetLife Club provides a place for refreshment, as well as a collaborative work environment. The main workspace is comprised of MetLife Neighborhoods that support individual work and provide homes for teams and workgroups. The perimeter space, with the best daylight and views, is kept open for all to share.

The project includes integrated branding, adding a layer of interest and tactility that ties the facility together, from way-finding signage to branded privacy films on glass surfaces. In addition, unique Peanuts art created by Tom Everhart further enhances the experience throughout.


  • 2015

    AIA Charlotte, Merit Award