New York Investment Firm

2019 | New York, NY

  • New York Investment Firm Reception © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm Boardroom © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm Library © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm Open Office © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm Conference Rooms © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm Neon Lights Frame The Conference Rooms © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm Pantry © Bilyana Dimitrova
  • New York Investment Firm © Bilyana Dimitrova

This New York Investment Firm is a private equity and trading company based in New York City. With their lease set to expire at the GM Building, the company decided to relocate to a new building, engaging STUDIOS to help them realize the potential and possibilities of their new 25,000 square foot offices at 55 Hudson Yards.

The move to 55 Hudson Yards brings together multiple business units from equity management to their finance technology group. With clear direction at the executive level, the office environment has been redefined from a traditionally closed-door culture to an open, varied environment. The majority of the 70-person office has been converted to an open floor plan layout with organic 120-degree desking—supporting their team organizations—with drop-in offices and breakout rooms to accommodate the need for privacy or team huddles. The floor and ceiling have been left exposed, emphasizing the twelve and a half foot vertical height of the space with its expansive, 360-degree views.

Occupying a single floor with a column-free core to perimeter zone proved to be both a design advantage and challenge. Designing areas that felt distinct from one another within this continuous space was a defining design challenge. STUDIOS set up a series of architectural transitions between the varying program elements, including partitions of different materials and opacities, as well as ceiling interventions. As one travels around the floor, the subtle changes transport you from open office to cafe to executive offices, all with a distinct feel within the same architectural framework. The boardroom has a more polished aesthetic, the management office is quiet and refined, while the open office of the finance/technology group has bold, colorful accents. Additionally, pieces from the client’s extensive art collection are strategically scattered throughout the space, adding a personal touch to this innovative office.