2012 - 2018 (phased) | Oakland, California

  • Pandora Tech Support Booth Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Stair Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Reception Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Break Area Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Phone Booths Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Break Area Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Backstage Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Lounge and Phone Booths Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora The Porch Conference Room Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Open Work Area Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Break area Photo: Bruce Damonte
  • Pandora Recording studio Photo: Bruce Damonte

Internet radio service provider Pandora sought out STUDIOS to redesign a portion of their existing office space to better reflect the company’s culture and brand, as well as to help attract and retain talent in the fiercely competitive Bay Area tech hub.

The design draws inspiration from their urban location in uptown Oakland as well as from classic music archetypes. The reception and main break area look out at the historic Paramount Theater, located just across the street.

The space includes the new main reception area, break areas, open work areas, meeting and training rooms, and comfortable lounges. The star of the show is the custom booth seating area that forms the word RADIO; each lettered booth illuminates upon entry.

A series of phone booth rooms were modeled on recording studios; the rooms are named to pay tribute to the members of The Beatles, and to the Simon and Garfunkel song “Scarborough Fair,” among others.

Meeting rooms and gathering areas were named for the places where music is experienced: The Porch, The Garage, The School, The Train, and The Shop. A circular assembly space, The Park, looks out to an adjacent roof garden.

Portal walls provide live feeds between floors, and between the Oakland and New York offices.

As part of this effort, we collaborated with the client’s design department to develop environmental graphics that embody music trends and paradigms.

The new space has garnered an enthusiastic response from employees, and has quickly become an important recruiting tool.