2011 | Paris, France

  • Pfizer Informal Meeting Area Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Pfizer Informal Meeting Area Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Pfizer Meeting Room Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Pfizer Workstations Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Pfizer Breakout Area Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Pfizer Cafeteria Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Pfizer Staff Restaurant Photo: Luc Boegly

Following a cost reduction analysis, Pfizer decided to consolidate its Paris’ teams onto one site, thus freeing up a building adjacent to their headquarters at the Porte d’Orleans in Paris.

One of the key goals was to implement Pfizer’s strategic Flexwork initiative, which included a move towards a more open plan of work spaces to optimize the available space and create additional capacity. Pfizer also improved the branding of their offices, as well as informal staff collaboration and interaction areas.

STUDIOS assisted Pfizer with the interviews of the different business units of the group and developing space plans for the proposed consolidation and reorganization. The implementation in an occupied site included a phasing strategy with intermediary milestones.