2015 | Arlington, VA

  • Politico Reception Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Cafe Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Newsroom Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Broadcast Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Collaboration Area Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Pantry Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Entry Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Cafe Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Detail Bilyana Dimitrova
  • Politico Terrace Bilyana Dimitrova

POLITICO is a Washington-based political journalism organization that serves as the one-stop shop for the fastest, most in-depth coverage of the White House, Congress, politics and policy. POLITICO has more than 300 individuals on staff, including more than 150 on the editorial side producing content for their website, newsletters, print editions and magazine.

Following a Vision and Programming phase, STUDIOS “test fit” the Media Group into several options within the three buildings, ultimately selecting the space that responded to their unique program functions.

An expansive lower level with generous clear slab height provides an open, contiguous space that will house all of Politico’s editorial staff, flanked by recording studios that feature a direct proximity to the buzz and activity of the newsroom. An emphasis on technology integration and ability to share information fluidly are inherent to the design, as is a flexible workplace approach, which provides the opportunity to densify in place.

An open interconnecting stair leads from the main entry and collaborative zone – named “Politico Avenue” – to the staff lunch room and refreshed terrace on the upper level. The slab cut has the added benefit of bringing daylight to the interior of the deeper, lower level.