2006 | Paris, France

  • Reuters Branded wall Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Reuters Waiting area Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Reuters Workstations Photo: Luc Boegly
  • Reuters Skylight Photo: Luc Boegly

Reuters asked STUDIOS to design their new offices, located in a renovated Haussmannian building in Paris. The objectives of the project were to implement a “Smart Working” program utilizing flexible and mobile workspaces, improve branding in public spaces, and reduce the amount of space required by increasing workspace efficiency.

STUDIOS’ design for the space transformed a former client training center with very high ceilings and a glass roof into a team workplace, and created a reception area to guide clients to the training and demonstration rooms. A large panoramic wall display features various branding images, and LCD screens on an acoustic wall screen broadcast news programs. Floor-to-ceiling photos and light boxes accentuate the reception area, lounges and informal meeting areas, which are located on the building’s landings.

STUDIOS interfaced with the project team and conducted user workshops to develop a procedure manual for space utilization. The process significantly increased workspace efficiency, allowing Reuters to reduce their occupancy by one-third.