RiskMetrics Group

1999 | New York, NY

RiskMetrics Group, an investment risk software developer, is a product of a joint venture. It was imperative that their first office have a unique identity, separate from their respective parent companies.
To begin, RiskMetrics selected the top two floors of an early-century tower on Wall Street, previously occupied by a banking company. As an ironic nod to the old economy financiers, the wood-paneled library on the 23rd floor was preserved. The space represents everything about traditional trading and banking that the client is attempting to change with its new software. As a result, the architect treated the space as an artificial prop and made it into a conference room and sitting area that can be divided by a video projection scrim.

The remainder of the space was conceived as an expression of the future of Wall Street and investment technology. Planned as an open environment for software writers and developers, there are just three private offices and enclosed spaces.