Signal High Rise Tower

2008 (Competition) | Paris, France

  • Signal High Rise Tower Building Exterior at Night © Daniel Libeskind
  • Signal High Rise Tower The Building in the heart of La Défense area © Daniel Libeskind
  • Signal High Rise Tower La Défense Area seen from Paris © Daniel Libeskind

Studio Libeskind Architect and Orco Property Group have been selected as one the five finalist teams following the call by EPAD for the construction of the Tour Signal at La Défense. STUDIOS Architecture was designated as local architect on the project to work in tight collaboration with Daniel Libeskind on the development and coordination of the design and construction.

The project’s ambition is based on simple shapes which interlace between each other. The basis is adapted according to the different programs (shops, offices, accommodation, events, educational spaces) which are superimposed to create a vibrant and appealing geometry. The call towards the lofty heights is symbolised by the green ribbon. All these components of life are connected between each other. In its very being, this skyscraper is the strongest vector of innovation in the environmental field.

The LEED Platinum qualification is a defining element of this. From this requirement, the base of the project builds new links, reassigns how space is used and creates a new environment right up to its summit.