Stella McCartney LA

2003 | Los Angeles, CA

STUDIOS completed the design of the Los Angeles showroom of fashion designer and Gucci family member Stella McCartney. The showroom is located in a charming old West Hollywood country garden house lined with roses, a central theme in Stella’s work.

The design concept for the space fosters exploration and surprise, featuring concealed fitting rooms, an unusual “glassless” skylight, and a fabric print wall accented with small toys and art pieces. Materials are clean and crisp with finely finished edges. White terrazzo flooring climbs the stairs to create display platforms for mannequins. Recessed lighting and hidden fixtures help to convey the clean, modern design of the showroom. A topiary horse greets visitors as they enter the rear yard parking lot, which is manned by a valet. Branded signage and new storefront windows helped to bring a retail look to the former garden house.