Town Danceboutique

2008 | Washington, DC

  • Town Danceboutique Second floor bar with projection screens as backdrops Photo: Nikolas Koenig
  • Town Danceboutique Seating area with specialty light fixture Photo: Nikolas Koenig
  • Town Danceboutique Side lounge featuring specialty light fixtures Photo: Nikolas Koenig
  • Town Danceboutique Photo: Nikolas Koenig
  • Town Danceboutique Ground floor bar and dance floor Photo: Nikolas Koenig
  • Town Danceboutique Photo: Nikolas Koenig

Town Danceboutique, a two-level 17,000sf nightclub in a converted warehouse space, combines dance floor, lounge areas, and cabaret performance stages to create a social hub in Washington DC’s historic Shaw neighborhood.

The use of wood, polished concrete and natural palette of colors help to establish an unusually warm and calming environment that appeals to a much broader age range than most dance clubs.

In contrast to the high-energy videos found at most large clubs, projection walls floating behind the bar show placid nature scenes that serve as a foil to the rapidly shifting club lighting found over the dance floors.

With row houses located directly across the street, community approval was directly contingent upon extraordinary soundproofing. In addition to typical soundproofing strategies, a walled quiet lounge area stretches across the windowed building façade, buffering the neighborhood from the club sound system and providing seating and opportunities for conversation in what has become one of the most popular areas of the venue. Generous corridors and interstitial spaces throughout the venue create a variety of areas for casual social interaction, minimizing bottlenecks and maximizing the variety of experiences available to patrons.


  • 2008

    AIA Washington DC, Excellence Award, Interior Architecture