UCLA Dykstra Parking Garage

2004 | Los Angeles, CA

  • UCLA Dykstra Parking Garage Western Facade
  • UCLA Dykstra Parking Garage Southern Facade
  • UCLA Dykstra Parking Garage Northern Facade

STUDIOS’ design for the new Dykstra Parking Garage responds to the structure’s prominent location at the entrance to UCLA’s Northwest Campus and transforms what is essentially a storage facility into a grand entryway to the University’s grounds.

The garage is set into a landscaped hillside that supports a major housing precinct, and helps to establish the design vocabulary—classical brick buildings nestled within the pastoral setting—of the University’s primary desired site context. The structure is flanked by several major buildings including the Bradley International Center and Dykstra Hall Residential Complex, and incorporates pedestrian circulation to create a vital link between campus housing above the garage and at the street level below.

STUDIOS designed the 290-car parking garage for UCLA’s Northwest Housing District. The project is one of a series of improvements planned for the Northwest Campus area, which lies at the intersection of the campus and its western neighbors.