2013 | Paris, France

  • Weave Central corridor Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Weave Reception area Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Weave Meeting room Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Weave "Passion wall" and collaborative space Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Weave Open workspace with collaboration cabins Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Weave Informal meeting room Photo: Eric Laignel
  • Weave Open workspace detail Photo: Eric Laignel

WEAVE, a rapidly growing operational strategy consultancy firm, was looking to consolidate all of its teams in a new office and to create a strong image, both innovative and off-beat, in line with its corporate vision and culture. Given the extreme mobility of the employees, there is a free desk policy with a variety of touch-down settings along with a large number of videoconference rooms.

STUDIOS’ design creates a variety of moods and atmospheres according to the zone of the building: the reception area and meeting rooms display a welcoming floral design and simple geometric shapes, the videoconference rooms feature cutting-edge technology, the quietly elegant library is dedicated to the Senior Advisors, and a green wall composed of three-dimensional cubes animates the access to the Ristretto cafeteria lounge.

Finally, the open-plan work spaces are enhanced by a recessed wall to create face-to-face touch-down booths, whilst the informal meeting spaces are characterised by industrial images, a playful reference to an important part of their clientele.

The building is certified HQE, with a BBC label (low energy consumption).