Wellio New Space Inauguration at Cité Numérique in Bordeaux by Studios Architecture

Wellio New Space Inauguration at Cité Numérique in Bordeaux

DATEJanuary 30, 2020

Wellio inaugurates a new space at the heart of Bordeaux’s Cité Numérique, home to the La French Tech startup movement in the Aquitaine region. 

STUDIOS Architecture was proud to participate in the design of this Wellio campus dedicated to start-ups, located in a former mail sorting facility. Open spaces highlight the site’s strong architectural heritage and were conceived with new collaborative work methods in mind. 

Authentic raw materials like concrete, metal and wood are featured. And in the spirit of the postal industry’s pioneering vision, STUDIOS selected upcycled materials and furnishings including chairs made from recycled soda bottles and cans, cardboard lights and seating and wood-fiber acoustic panels. 

For STUDIOS, innovation is a state of mind, and we believe tomorrow’s designs can only be bettered if we surround ourselves today with a powerful dialogue between old and new.


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