Yes, That’s a Climbing Wall in the Office. RFR’s Seagram Building Debuts ‘Playground’ by Studios Architecture

Yes, That’s a Climbing Wall in the Office. RFR’s Seagram Building Debuts ‘Playground’

DATEMay 02, 2023

SOURCEThe Commercial Observer

Lying just below the Seagram Building’s iconic plaza and flanking fountains now sits one of the most unique amenities offerings in New York’s real estate market—The Playground. 

"The new space occupies 23,500 square feet in the cellar and subcellar, taking over part of Wells Fargo’s former offices and some of the building’s parking garage. The upper floor includes open lounge areas and conference rooms. The Playground covers only half of the lower floor, allowing the architects to glass in two walls that look out over a double-height basketball-pickleball court with a climbing wall in back. When people are hanging out in the upstairs lounge or the conference rooms, they’ll be able to see co-workers climbing or playing basketball downstairs." Read article here.

The Playground exemplifies the type of amenity space that appeals to today’s workforce—providing human connection and collective activity employees were lacking after years of working from home. By blurring the distinction between amenities and workspace and creating very collaborative and highly hospitality-driven environments, The Playground encourages employees to return to in-person work, providing a highly-active, entertaining environment to interact in various settings.