#Archicrawl New Session: Luma Foundation by Studios Architecture

#Archicrawl New Session: Luma Foundation

DATEFebruary 18, 2020

Every month, STUDIOS shares information on projects, techniques and the evolving role of the architect during #Archicrawl and #Architalk. 

A recent session highlighted the Fondation Luma Arles, an art and research initiative led by Maja Hoffmann. STUDIOS is the local architect of the site’s centerpiece designed by Frank Gehry, a building nearly 60 meters tall that will house international exhibitions. 

This #Archicrawl examined several key aspects of our work, from the curvy plaster elements developed for the project, the choice of bio-based materials designed by Atelier Luma in Camargue, the production of stainless-steel blocks for the Van Gogh facade and our collaboration with artists to incorporate their installations on-site.