We create living, breathing structures that inspire and serve.

People’s lives are indelibly shaped by architecture, compelling us to push beyond the expected for impactful solutions worthy of the human potential and community capital they represent. Rather than imposing a predetermined aesthetic, we partner with clients in a process of discovery. Together we ensure that each building fulfills their needs and goals, as unique manifestations of brand, mission, and values, with the flexibility and durability to endure.

Free from disciplinary silos that limit innovation, our diverse and experienced team applies a range of insights gained across all work areas from master planning to interiors. We engage at every scale and step of the design and construction process, working with local communities upfront on land use issues, devising efficient delivery methods, and everything in between. Our future-focused design centers on informed selection and sourcing of materials based on carbon emissions as well as long-term operation and performance strategies. Whether reimagining an existing structure or crafting a new one, our approach realizes a building’s highest value. In the end, each client’s solution is unique to them and responsive to context, program and people.


We design spaces that uplift the people who experience them every day.

Interiors are the essential settings of life, shaping how people work, play, and learn. We design spaces with purpose and meaning, seeking to create inspiring individual experiences and transformative collective impact. With clients as valued design partners, we take time to learn all we can about their culture, strengths, challenges, and goals. Whether it’s an opera house that inspires awe, a world-class headquarters that spurs innovation, or a classroom that awakens lifelong curiosity, our goal is to clearly reflect and celebrate the aspirations of each organization.

Our approach to interiors is decidedly holistic and thoughtful, with an eye to the ever-quickening pace of change. Together we discover new directions that surpass expectations of efficiency and sustainability. Ongoing research, and knowledge sharing between design teams, expedites discovery of new materials and building methods that minimize climate impact and leverage building systems to reduce energy consumption. Intentionally open to new possibilities, our process leads to tailored interiors solutions that elegantly solve each client’s specific challenges while maintaining flexibility for a thriving future.

Master Planning

We plan cities, universities, and campuses as living organisms able to adapt and thrive.

In our approach to master planning, we seek out and cultivate new possibilities for people—whether to ensure comfort and connection or spark innovation. Our intuition is met in equal measure by our emphasis on pragmatics, driving design excellence and applying a thorough understanding of the multi-layered processes of documentation, approval, and construction.

Our experience spans industries and countries, urban and suburban sites, private and public clients, speculative and proprietary development. STUDIOS' diverse team of experts collectively analyzes each site at all scales and perspectives while evaluating the client's long-term plans, growth potential, and budget. Together we hone in on strengths and constraints to craft comprehensive land-use strategies. Across contexts, our work leverages opportunities—both evident and unexpected—while honoring the local culture and natural environment. The result is intelligent planning that promotes environmentally responsible and sustainable growth, reflects the aspirations of communities, and helps them flourish now and for generations to come.

Workplace Strategy

We open up more prosperous futures for organizations and people.

Today’s workplace is a complex web of economic and pragmatic drivers that require us to think differently. As social, cultural, and aesthetic forces constantly reshape the landscape, success depends on our ability to seamlessly integrate solutions to all of these challenges. We believe that partnership is the key. When our design expertise meets clients’ own expertise, innovation is unleashed. From tech start-ups to global conglomerates, we team up with organizations to navigate decisions on how to position their business, manage physical assets, and empower staff through creation of extraordinary workplaces—all in support of business success.

We are committed to understanding the human component: culture, motivation, work patterns, and performance. STUDIOS pulls from a variety of techniques to research and analyze the work environment as needed for each client, including all manner of inquiry, observation, survey, visioning sessions, focus groups, workshops, and other emerging tools. Most importantly we strive to understand the people who show up to do the work every day--how they experience the workplace, interact, and push for better. Groundbreaking solutions come to life, revealing themselves through rigorous iteration, prototype testing, and the optimism that drives us forward together.