5V: Vignette, Virus, Vendetta, Vaccine, Victory by Studios Architecture

5V: Vignette, Virus, Vendetta, Vaccine, Victory

DATENovember 05, 2021

Haworth held a unique competition to celebrate the spirit, innovation, and creativity that has emerged during the pandemic–they challenged designers to create a visual vignette using a series of images inspired by the concept of Vignette/Virus/Vendetta/Vaccine/Victory. STUDIOS Associate Atousa Shafizadeh and Designer Colleen Beckman used simple face masks to create another form of protection and security–a jacket. Their work was awarded third place!

The Design Concept

Masks have been our constant companion, our protection throughout all stages of the pandemic.

We isolated ourselves. We stayed at home to protect ourselves and others from getting the virus. But when we did need to venture outside, the mask was our primary defense.

Now with the vaccine available, the world has started to open up. People have started to open up, to leave their homes and see each other again. But our fears of Covid and our long period of isolation have trained us to be more hesitant. We can’t return to the way things were just yet, to the lively and uninhibited lifestyle of the before time. We still need to protect ourselves and maintain a sense of security as we re-acclimate to social environments.

Using the mask as a module, we created a jacket to illustrate our need for protection: protection from the virus, protection from our feelings of isolation, and protection against the outside world, and against our new fears and apprehensions that developed from being alone for so long.