#Futurethinking : STUDIOS' Forward-Thinking In-house Workshops by Studios Architecture

#Futurethinking : STUDIOS' Forward-Thinking In-house Workshops

DATEMarch 06, 2020

#Futurethinking, here we go! Because we need to prepare for tomorrow today, STUDIOS Architecture has launched a series of forward-looking in-house workshops. Our goal is to examine recent developments and the challenges they represent for cities, the society and the economy—including the emergence of new uses, urban renewal and artificial intelligence—and explore the different means by which architecture may address these issues.

STUDIOS’s approach to these workshops is unique: drawing on the strengths of the collective knowledge of our teams, we foster dialogue between the visions and expertise of our people and ask them to respond to inspiring material that fosters thinking out of the box, such as recent events, the work of philosophers, encounters and visits.

The last workshop examined different modes of working, fluidity and flexibility in the digital age, as well as the users and uses to target in designing the workplaces of the future.

Workshops moderated by Christine Hoarau-Beauval.