CLIENTHoffman & Associates

SERVICESDesign Architecture in collaboration with StudioMB

LOCATIONWashington, DC

SIZE550,000 sq ft

STATUSIn Progress


STUDIOS and StudioMB are bringing program and architectural diversity to Buzzard Point through the development of Parcel B. The project incorporates retail, commercial office space, market-rate residential, and senior affordable residencies. The mixed-use building promotes neighborhood connection to the waterfront and Audi Field.

Located in Southwest DC, this unique spot provides unprecedented access to urban events, including a large performance venue in ground-level retail, and proximity to Audi Field and Nationals Ballpark, creating a rich cultural tapestry. Park spaces connected to the street turn the area into an interactive “front yard,” fostering engagement among residents and the broader community. The development, a collaboration between Hoffman & Associates and Volunteers of America (VOA), involves VOA relocating their headquarters within the development. Their focus on addressing unique community needs aligns with their commitment to managing life-changing programs and services.

View looking north up First St SW
View looking north up First St SW

We believe vibrant neighborhoods thrive on diversity, spanning generations and socioeconomic backgrounds. By seamlessly integrating affordable senior living into mixed-use developments like Parcel B, we foster a flourishing, inclusive environment that promotes connectivity and access to diverse amenities and services. This approach enhances residents’ quality of life and encourages intergenerational interactions, tapping into the dynamic energy of urban life as a positive example for future generations.

Apartment entry on Half St SW
Apartment entry on Half St SW

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